N-CoDe Lab

The N-CoDe Lab focuses on the Neuroscience of Communication Development; and broadly we study speech, language, and music. The lab is directed by Dr. Saloni Krishnan and it is based in the Department of Psychology, Royal Holloway, University of London.

The lab’s primary focus is identifying brain changes that underlie childhood speech and language disorders such as developmental language disorder or dyslexia, and using this knowledge to improve existing clinical tools.

Using both classical behavioural paradigms, as well as structural and functional magnetic resonance imaging, the above question is investigated by taking perspectives:

  1. determining how brain circuits for speech/language change over childhood and in developmental speech and language disorders,
  2. exploring the factors that explain individual differences in speech/language performance,
  3. questioning how speech/language learning can be improved, and
  4. pinning down the neural changes occur as a function of learning and training in the auditory-motor domain (such as being a musician).

See projects for more about the current work we are doing, and people to find out more about how to join the lab.